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Refund policy

ArcticLine Software grants to potential purchasers a free 30-days trial period so that they can evaluate Bee Icons to get an understanding of its capabilities and ease of use. We advise you to try our product before purchasing it. ArcticLine Software offers refunds on Bee Icons orders according to the terms below.

The following rules apply to refunds:

  1. You should request a refund from our Sales Department within 30 days from the date of purchase. To do this, please email Sales Department and indicate your Name, E-Mail and Order ID.
  2. We must receive a printed hard copy of the Refund Agreement. This must be signed and sent to us by postal mail. You can notify us by email that a refund request has been mailed to us.
    A refund request can be placed electronically (by e-mail) but the actual refund will be provided only when the printed Refund Agreement arrives at ArcticLine Software.

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