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Last Version 4.0.3
File Size 1.76 Mb

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What's new in Bee Icons version 4.0:
The program interface has improved. It is more nice and convenient now
Now icon theme creating process is easier, because Bee Icons can create an icon theme preview image, which will show all icons in a theme
Now you can create and open Bee Icons Packages
Ability to change the icon of 'My Videos' folder has been added
Now 'Default' button will work for all file types whose icons were changed by using Bee Icons
Now Bee Icons will check for updates and will inform you when new icon themes have been added to
Support of StyleXP iconsets has been added
Byelorussian, Danish, Magyar, Flemish, Afrikaans and Catalan languages has been added
Bug Fixed: Inability to change icon of file types with "one character" extension. Like .c, .h...
Bug Fixed: Program malfunction when two copies of Bee Icons were open and one of them was closed next
Bug Fixed: Bee Icons didn't inform the user when Explorer was started as a separate process
Crystal Icon Theme was removed from installation pack to minimize its size. But it is still available on our site
Other minor updates
Other minor bugs have been fixed

Minor Updates:

Version 4.0.1
+ Japanese translation has been added
* German translation was updated
* Other minor updates

Version 4.0.2
* Help file has been updated
* Norwegian, Romanian and Korean translations was updated
+ Estonian translation was added
- Bug Fixed: Incorrect icons in 'Select a file type to change the icon for' area
- Bug Fixed: Incorrect work with '%SystemDrive%' in path to icon
- Bug Fixed: 'Default' button was disabled incorrectly in some cases
* Other minor updates
- Other minor bugs have been fixed

- Bug Fixed: Bug Fixed: 'Error Message: FileName=Absent IconIndex=0'

Version 4.0.3
- Bug Fixed: 'List Index Out of Bounds'
- Bug Fixed: Program crashed on loading default icons

To download icon themes go to themes page.

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