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Q: I liked XXXXX icon theme. Can I use these icons for my own program/site?
A: No, you can't. All Icon Themes that are placed on our site are for individual use only. If you want to use icons for other purposes, you should contact the icon theme author and get permission from him/her.

Q: I didn't receive my registration key. What I should do?
A: Please send us a message at and we will send your key to you.

Q: I have bought Bee Icons, but I have lost my registration key. Can I get it again? How much will it cost?
A: We will gladly resend your key without additional payment. Please send an e-mail with your original order details to Please include Order ID, Order Date, Registration Name and Registration E-Mail.

Q: I want to buy XX copies of Bee Icons. Can I get a discount?
A: Discounting issues are dealt with by our Sales Department. Please write to

Q: If I buy Bee Icons now, will I get new versions of the program for free?
A: Yes. All future updates will be free.

Q: I want the next version of Bee Icons to have the ability to…
A: Write us at We will gladly consider your suggestions for our next release.

Q: I found a bug in the program. What I should do?
A: E-mail us at We will fix it.

Q: ??????? ? ??????? ??????? ????? Bee Icons ????? ? ??? ???????? ???? ?
A: Please post your question(s) in English! If your English is poor, please use the FREE Babel Fish Translation service:

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